Aleesha Srinivasan, 16 years old, is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dance student who has been acquiring the skills of this ancient South Indian classical art form under the tutelage of Guru Suba Ramesh Parmar since 2004. Aleesha has performed successfully at many dance programs as well as having been a member of winning teams in many dance competitions under the auspices of her guru.

During her middle school years, Aleesha served as student council co-president. As a cultivated vocal student, she has sung in choirs at school and on both the county and regional levels, as well as at musical recitals. Also a student of musical instrumentation, Aleesha has given performances playing the viola and the saxophone. She has amalgamated an artistic flair deeply into her schoolwork in addition to her extracurricular activities.

Aleesha is currently a highly achieving student in the Academy of Business and Finance at the exceptionally rigorous Bergen County Academies magnet high school in Hackensack.  She has participated in the  Foundation for Free Enterprise,  DECA, and the  National Society of High School Scholars. Aleesha was chosen to attend the  National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. and has also been nominated to the Global Youth Leadership Conference level. At school, she has been accepted into SPARK, an organization which mentors underclassmen. Aleesha is  Bergen Academies’ Logistics Chairperson for the Relay-for-Life program of the American Cancer Society.  She is a medal winner on the school track team and has played on the volleyball team as well. 

Aleesha incorporates an element of compassion in her entire approach to life. She would like to bring to attention the misguided emphasis bestowed too often nowadays upon superficial beauty and physical perception and their misdirected link to self-esteem amongst today’s young women. At the same time, she has done research into the obesity epidemic and would like to bring attention to the importance of physical and mental fitness in their roles countering childhood and adult obesity. Given her artistic passion, Aleesha would like to bring attention to these issues to the audience via the genre of classical dance. We kindly request the honor and pleasure of your attendance at Aleesha’s Bharatanatyam Arangetram. 

Thank You.

Aleesha's Passionate Causes
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